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Who I am :


 Born in Marseille, France, on September the 8th, 1980, Diane Le Feyer discovers herself a passion for drawing and especially animation at  the tender age of 5.  Following enthusiastically her artistic path, she graduates with honors 2nd of her class in 2002 from Ecole Emile Cohl. She works then for some time in Lyon, in the video game company “ Etrange Libellules” as a character designer, 3D modeler and animator. She leaves the videogames industry in  2003 and jumps into a plane and lands at the Cartoon Saloon, in Kilkenny, Ireland. There she’s involved in several illustration children books, web animation, TV shows and even in the early pre-production days of “ Brendan and the Secret of Kells”       ( Realisation Tomm Moore, Oscar Nominee 2010). She leaves Ireland for Canada in 2004, where she will work on irish children books, french TV shows and the animated video “ Breakin Even”, from Singer Rob Szabo  ( Realisation Cal Brunker). She’s finally back in France in 2005, where she’s in charge of the character design and storyoarding of the french animation TV serie “ Stellina”( Pictor Media /Animation Band), or other animated programs “ Mark Logan” ( Pictor Media/France 3). In the meanwhile she also works on foreign adds hand in hand with the Cartoon Saloon, on a “TomTom Go” and “KPN” animated commercials, as well as short movies, illustration for children books, published in Ireland, France and the UK.

In 2009 she’s offered the opportunity to be involved with the TV format “Anam an Amhráin” , where she signs the short animated movie “Bean Pháidín ”. In 2010 she also participates in the making of an animated movie for the Universal Expostion in Shanghai. She is now sharing her time between French and Irish publication, as well as short movies and animation work with the Cartoon Saloon.


Filmography :



  • Character designer and animator on the short movie “ La politesse des Rois”, director M. Jean Rubak (After Movies Videosystem, Paris ).



  • Animator for a movie theater commercial Nesquick/Disney/Atlantide.



  • Animator for Project Images films S.A,  Schneider Electric/Jingle Eole.



  • nominee at the International Festival of Students Graduation Movie in Poitiers for my graduation animated short :  “ Ironica  Inchiostra”



character designer,  3D modeler et animator for “Etranges Libellules ” (Videogames company, Lyon)

  • Scarytales
  • Astérix XXL


-2003-2004, animator, character designer et illustrator for “ the Cartoon Saloon” (animation company , Kilkenny, Irlande),

  • Pre-production work on Oscar Nominees 2010  “Brendan and the secret of Kells”( dir. Tomm Moore  )
  • Character design  “How I ate my father
  • Animation commercials Vodafone, Miss cool...
  • Animator on the  animated TV show Sprogs .





-2004, Toronto, Canada

  • Animator on the musical video « Breaking Even », from director Callan Brunker  (music from M. Rob Szabo), Canada.


  • Character Design on the animated TV show for France3/Rai Uno « Stellina »,director Sydney Kombo, for Pictor Media and animation Band.


-2005, France

  • test character design and storyboard on the animated TV show « Winx Club »



  • animated short for a TG4 documentary  « Leatrom na Cinniúna »
  • character designer and props designer for animated movie «  Mark Logan « (France3 -Pictor Média) 
  • character designer for the animation TV series 26x26 « Stellina » (France3-Rai Uno –Pictor Média –animation Band)




  • Animated commercial TomTom Go Gps mapShare, animation supervisor for the Irish team , animator.


  •   Correction of the storyboards of the 13 first episodes of the animated TV series « Stellina » ( France 3-Rai Uno »
  • Pitching of the  « Síog na Rann »animated series, for the song Bean Pháidín      


  • Opening sequence of the  « Maidhm na Muintire » documentary for TG4
  • Additional Animation of the trailer for the animated TV show project «  Street Battle », dir. Sydney Kombo.
  • correction of the last 10  storyboards for the Animated TV show « Stellina » ( PictorMédia France 3-Rai Uno »)
  • Character design for the TV series « Primeval » (BBC)  
  • Director ( animator, character designer, bg artists etc.. ) of the musical animated short  « Bean Pháidín » pour le projet « og na Rann » ( 3mn30)  for TG4/Cartoon Saloon
  • Animation supervisor and animator of the Irish team with the Cartoon Saloon,  for a KPN optic fiber campaign commercial in the Netherlands.

-2009 :

  • Character design on th animated feature film project «  Lémuria » (dir. Evelyne Monsallier).
  • Illustrations, interview  and Making-Of of my animated short  « Bean Pháidín » for the  « og na Rann » project,  re-christened  « Anam an Amhráin» aired on December the 22nd 2009, on TG4 .

-2010 :

  • Character design et animation with Cartoon Saloon LTD, for an animation short  client PRANA , aired in the Chinese Pavilion (Information and Communication Pavilion) during the  Shanghai Universal Exposition (March 2010-October 2010)